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Anonim a spus…
What a celebration of happiness. May your all new year be filled with it.

daily athens
T. Becque a spus…
Lovely portraits.
AdrianaC. a spus…
Thank you kindly.. may your year be as you desire, willed with happiness and sunny days :) Lot's of inspiration ...
AdrianaC. a spus…
Thank you Becque :-)
And happy new year !

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thank you stranger


dezbraca-ma cu totul
de cuvinte,
si lasa-ma goala,
ca atunci cand m-ai privit
prima oara in ochi.

in pestera arde cuvantul,
degetele-s scrum a tristete
adanc, mai adanc, catre tine -nicaieri
                             catre mine- niciodata,